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Brand identity, web design, web development,
graphic design, logo design · 2019
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  • Centric is an internet-based clothing brand.

    Initially, a logo and brand identity were conceptualized. This was followed by clothing designs, a website, and promotional content.
  • Centric logo layered with clouds
  • Centric SS19 shirt showcase
  • Centric website on mobile
  • Centric website on desktop
  • Centric SS19 trailer screenshots
  • Centric SS19 shirt animation
Centric black logo
Sunkissed Productions
Brand identity, logo design, graphic design · 2018
  • Sunkissed Productions is an electronic music event organizer.

    In preparation for Sunkissed 2018, a new logo was created along with a variety of promotional materials. This included fliers, social media images, an exclusive T-shirt, and more.
  • Sunkissed poster close-up
  • Sunkissed fliers
  • Sunkissed sign close-up
  • Sunkissed sign during event
  • Sunkissed sun graphic
  • Sunkissed T-shirts with sun graphic and event lineup
Sunkissed Productions black logo
Robison Mechanical Inc.
Web design, web development · 2017
Logo design · 2013
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  • Robison Mechanical is a mechanical contracting company.

    In 2013, a logo was created to be used on company vehicles and uniforms. Later in 2017, a website was designed and developed to showcase important company works.
  • Robison Mechanical website on desktop
  • Robison Mechanical website on mobile
  • Robison Mechanical logo on a truck
  • Robison Mechanical logo close-up
Sunkissed Productions black logo
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