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Pricing & payment

All pricing is in United States dollars. Quotes are determined based on the project category, description, budget, and timeline provided by the client.

Products created for the client do not rightfully belong to the client until 100% of the project quote is paid.

Quotes represent the amount that will be charged for the completed project unless its description is revised or added to by the client, in which the quote will be updated accordingly. Clients will be notified of these updates immediately and must agree to them before these revisions or updates are implemented.

A 25% non-refundable deposit for quotes will be due before the project start date. This 25% deposit is not affected by potential quote changes throughout the span of the project. The remaining 75% of the quote will be due before the project is delivered or hosted and may increase or decrease to compensate for communicated quote changes.

Reoccurring payments involving hosting or maintenance will be included within quotes for their first cycle only. For example, if website hosting for one year is a necessity for a project, its price will be included within the initial quote. However, after one year, the client will be invoiced for another year of hosting. The client will be notified of reoccurring charges in the initial quote. Clients will also receive a reminder a week before these charges are due and must pay them by their due date.

If a project is cancelled by the client at any point during the project, the 25% deposit is forfeited. On top of this, cancellation fees include expenses purchased through a third party, along with hourly wages ($30/hour) for the time the provider has invested at the point of cancellation. Products created for the client do not rightfully belong to them if a project is cancelled.

Invoices will be given when:
     a) A deposit is required to begin a project.
     b) A project (or a revision/update/maintenance) has been completed, approved, and is awaiting delivery.
     c) Third party purchases are necessary. (ex. domain names, font licenses, etc.)
     d) Reoccurring payments are due.
     e) Cancellation fees, late fees, or attorney fees apply.
Each invoice will specify each expense and, if they reoccur, when they are due or expire.

All invoices must be paid for within 15 business days of receiving.

Late fees are applicable when invoices are not paid for within 15 business days. For each day that a payment is considered late after this period, 5% of the unpaid invoice will be charged.

If a legal dispute arises relating to agreements within the service contract, the prevailing party must be reimbursed any necessary attorney fees by the other party.

Returning clients that would like to revise or add to a project can be quoted and invoiced without additional service contracts.

Process & delivery

Clients will be worked with at all stages of the project to ensure they are receiving satisfactory results prior to delivery.

Any rough drafts, wireframes, or early project deliverables are subject to one major revision free of charge.

If more than one revision is requested for an early project deliverable, or any unexpected changes later in the project are requested, the client will be notified of possible changes in project quote or applicable fees. In addition, project completion dates may be changed if project scope changes due to client request.

When necessary, the provider and client should respond to one another within a reasonable amount of time (48 hours, excluding weekends).

Client is to provide a digital copy of original worded content, unless willing to pay hourly wage ($30/hour) for writing.

Before a project has been completed or paid for in full, media shared between the client and provider should be kept strictly between them.

Upon full payment for products and services, the client owns all project deliverables. The provider may request permission to display images of the project on their portfolio website and social media accounts.

Updates to projects after their completion are subject to hourly wage ($30/hour) charges, or quotes agreed on by both parties.

Click here to download a copy of my full service contract.