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Hi, I'm Zac.

Values & Methods

Designing & building
from the ground up.

Designers are problem solvers, which is why I like to begin designing based on meaningful goals in order to get the best results possible.

Graphic design and branding are another crucial factor to one’s image. Businesses should be equipped with a cohesive brand that represents what makes them great. Standing out from other businesses and gaining faithful customers are just additional benefits of effective branding.

Specializing in web design and development, every website I build begins with a blank slate and is typed and assembled from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. When designing and building websites, I always aim for simplicity and functionality, while attempting to liven things up with what I know about graphic design, animations, and scripting.

Creative solutions that
work for everyone.

In a world where anyone can learn about you from the comfort of their couch or standing outside on the sidewalk, it’s essential that it’s received well — whether it’s a logo that can be recognized blocks away or a website that works flawlessly on any device. Everything should be scalable and responsive.

The process of working
with businesses and

While it's crucial to understand and apply the ideas and technologies behind effective design, it's important to have an open mind and to listen. Working with others to develop a mutual vision for a project is what jumpstarts successful results, making the entire project that much more rewarding for everyone.


A long-lasting passion
for creativity.

Interested in art and design from a young age, I’ve always been involved in some sort of creative endeavor. At the same time, technology has constantly provided a way for me to learn and create in new ways.

Throughout high school, I assisted in teaching web development languages to peers and placed second in a congressional web application competition when I was 15. I found these experiences to motivate me, especially early on, to keep learning and consistently strive to improve my work.

While still in high school, I began pursuing a degree in Computer Information Systems. This provided me with knowledge of how to use technology to improve business processes, solve problems, and manage projects more effectively. The program allowed for large group projects, along with individual studies involving user experience design and branding.

within reach.

Being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I found there to be a lot of amazing local businesses and talented individuals with untapped potential. Technology, design, and how they’re harnessed hold an increasing power and potential in today’s world where they can make huge differences in which businesses form meaningful connections with customers.

Here’s where I come in. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to have a platform and brand that they’re confident in; one that compliments all of the passion that goes into their own work. My hope is to help businesses and creatives get themselves out there and get their messages heard.

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Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Systems
Olympic College, 2019
Associate in Arts, Direct Transfer Agreement
Olympic College, 2016